If you are a driver working with Uber or a similar rideshare platform, you understand the need to access funding in order to deal with certain kinds of expenses, whether it’s fuel costs, insurance payments, personal expenses, or maintenance and repairs of your work vehicle. Sometimes, the unforeseen can occur at the worst possible time, and without the benefit of immediate funding, your Uber business could suffer. 


When it comes to a broken down vehicle, or one in need of immediate repairs, it can be difficult to access this kind of funding through traditional sources, such as banks or your local credit union. Fortunately, Uber drivers can always rely on Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) in order to access funding efficiently and quickly. Cashera was started by gig workers who understand the nature of personal businesses like Uber driving, and we offer MCAs to those who require funding immediately in order to get back on the road, and keep earning.





Contrary to popular belief, a Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan from a bank or other financial institution. Rather, it’s an advance that is tailored specifically to the needs of Uber drivers, and based on the consistency of their business earnings. Cashera provides MCAs to Uber drivers upfront, so they can deal with their needs quickly, and without hassle. The recipient Uber driver may then repay the advance based on a mutually agreed contract, which is taken from a percentage of daily or weekly earnings. 


The advantages are twofold. First, Uber drivers can bypass the tedious system of traditional bank loans, and access funds typically within the same day as they submit their application. When it comes to Uber driving, time is money, and every second your car isn’t on the road means less earnings. Second, the repayment schedule is designed with fairness and practicality in mind, so Uber drivers don’t have to worry about paying back the entire sum upfront.



Cashera understands the importance of catering to the ever-growing and ambitious network of gig workers and independent earners, particularly Uber drivers. However, not all Merchant Cash Advance companies share the same sentiment. No matter which institution you choose, you’ll need to make sure they support the gig economy, or you may be rejected. Thankfully, Cashera was designed so gig workers could enjoy peace of mind, without having to worry about that particular set of eligibility requirements. 



If you are an Uber driver in need of a Merchant Cash Advance, or merely wish to arm yourself with knowledge in case an unfortunate challenge arises, you’ll need to understand a few things related to eligibility. Cashera takes into account the following factors when determining who is suitable to receive an MCA:

  • A consistent and well-maintained history of earnings as an Uber driver.
  • A minimum threshold of both weekly and monthly earnings for reference.
  • A minimum amount of time working as an Uber driver to establish reliability.
  • A business bank account and statements where Uber earnings are regularly deposited.


If you hit all these marks, you’re ready to move to the next stage – the application process. Cashera has streamlined this part of our operations to make things as easy for you as humanly possible, so you can get approved quickly, and receive your funding within the same day. By filling out all applicable information on your application, our team can quickly finish up the application process. As opposed to traditional lenders like banks, who may perform a background credit check, Cashera focuses more on assessment of earnings via earnings history, and the physical ability to repay the cash advance based on future revenue.



Cashera strives to make repayment a hassle-free, positive and convenient experience, which is why we tailor each application approval to the needs of individual gig workers, including Uber drivers. We understand the importance of mitigating against financial challenges, while at the same time being able to keep your business afloat, and pay the bills. Our repayment terms are automatically deducted as a percentage from future Uber earnings until the advance, plus a fee, is finally paid off. 



Uber drivers are constantly on the move, quite literally, and we understand the need to keep up. If your car has stalled out, been involved in an accident, or you’re simply having trouble with bills or insurance costs, Cashera will put the pedal to the metal in order to provide funding to get things rolling again. We know that every Uber ride is money in the bank, and the longer you’re out of commission, the more problematic things will become. 


We strongly recommend that you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance with Cashera if you find yourself in a sticky situation. While you may be tempted to go to the bank to secure a loan, you’ll have to deal with a lengthy application, and a wait time before you receive your funds. That’s time you could better spend getting back out there, and earning more as the 5-star Uber driver we know you are! Contact Cashera today for more information.