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3 Steps to Apply

Achieve your short and long-term financial goals by applying for a gig worker merchant cash 
advance today. It’s easy and convenient!

Step 1: Application

Submit a gig worker cash advance application form with your information so we can determine your needs and serve you accordingly.

Step 2: Verification

We will review and process your application quickly and safely, without the need for credit checks which might damage your score.

Step 3: Funding

Within 24 hours, your funds will become available and can be used to pay bills, make payroll or purchases, or invest in new opportunities.

Cashera Advantages

Our level of service is unmatched, but we want all of our clients to be fully aware of the
benefits of working with Cashera, as follows.





We remain on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to
handle any issue or need that may arise.


Submit your application and receive your business
funding within 24 hours, without hassle.


We provide business funding for over 100
individual types of independent contractors period.


No credit history pulls necessary, which means no
damaging marks on your credit score.


Access business funding safely through our secure
and private 3-step system, for peace of mind.


Cashera is ready to assist independent contractors
across America, in every U.S. state.

How can I use the funds I receive from Cashera?

Utilize the merchant cash advance funding you receive from Cashera to tackle any number of challenges
so that your business stays on the path forward to massive success.

Emergency Costs

Unforeseen costs due to emergencies and
other factors can be remedied quickly with
merchant cash advance allowing your
business to get back on track quicker.

Maintenance Fees

Maintenance comes in many forms, but our
merchant cash advances can help gig
workers stay proactive so they can keep
working without interruption.

Supply Purchases

If you are short on supplies or need to cover the cost of producing an order our merchant cash advances can eliminate the problem, allowing you to focus on customer satisfaction.

Rent Payments

If you're having trouble paying office rental or
utility costs for your business, consider a
merchant cash advance to help you until you
accrue more revenue.

Have Questions?

Cashera is committed to our impeccable level of service,
which means we are always ready to answer any and all
questions you might have.

If you’d like to know more about the specifics of our business funding solutions, please visit our FAQ page for answers to the most pertinent questions.