Integrity, Trust
and Convenience

Today’s gig workers need to think fast and take advantage
of every opportunity to stay ahead, and Cashera
understands this better than most. Integrity, trust and
convenience are part of the way we do business.

Our History

Cashera is the shared concept of two former gig workers who realized the importance of 
providing a valuable service to this particular side of the economy. With $500 million in 
total funding to date, Cashera continues to be one of the largest and most trustworthy 
merchant cash advance services, with a focus on helping gig workers and self-employed 
business owners live their own personal American Dream.

Cashera Advantages

Our level of service is unmatched, but we want all of our clients to be fully aware of the
benefits of working with Cashera, as follows.





We remain on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to
handle any issue or need that may arise.

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Submit your application and receive your business
funding within 24 hours, without hassle.

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We provide business funding for over 100
individual types of independent contractors period.

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No credit history pulls necessary, which means no
damaging marks on your credit score.

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Access business funding safely through our secure
and private 3-step system, for peace of mind.

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Cashera is ready to assist independent contractors
across America, in every U.S. state.

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Who Qualifies for Cashera Business Financing?

Cashera caters to today’s most ambitious and dedicated gig workers and micro
businesses, without interruption.


Regardless of the type of self-employment, you may often face uneven 
cashflows, which can make it challenging to meet financial obligations. 
Cashera’s gig worker merchant cash advances serves as a lifeline, offering a simple and accessible solution.

Micro Businesses

By catering to the diverse needs of micro businesses, Cashera stands as a trusted partner in your journey towards prosperity, fostering economic growth from the ground up and helping you thrive in a competitive market landscape.

Independent Contractors

Due to the unpredictable nature of your income, managing personal
finances and investing in your businesses can be challenging. Cashera’s
gig worker cash advance comes to your aid by allowing you to access a
portion of your anticipated future earnings.


As gig workers, drivers may face unexpected expenses related to vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, or business emergencies. A merchant cash advance provides independent contractors with a stable cash flow, covers immediate expenses, and enables investment in their business without accumulating traditional debt.


Cashera has earned rave reviews from gig workers
all across America who have stayed on track,
thanks to our safe and trustworthy merchant
cash advance.
Kathy W.

Really happy with how helpful and supportive Cashera was when I was in a tight spot. They helped me stay on track long enough for me to score a huge website contract with a client. Would easily work with them again.

Bryon K.

I'm a videographer who needed to up his game to stay competitive, and Cashera helped me secure the funds I required to upgrade my camera equipment, and land bigger contracts. Huge thanks!

Tyrone M.

Suffered a broken arm which put my Uber driving out of commission for a while, but Cashera helped me stay afloat while I recuperated. Now I'm back on track and making more money.

Brian T.

Fast, efficient, and trustworthy is how I’d describe Cashera. The application took only a few minutes, and I got the funds overnight so I could invest in some new photography equipment for a huge contract I was able to close. Amazing work by Cashera and I’m now able to level up my business!