Funding Types

Cashera is proud to serve hard-working gig workers and small businesses so
they can stay on track and achieve their vision of the American Dream.


Gig workers utilize their unique skills to help numerous
clients achieve specific goals, and we're here to
empower them every step of the way towards success.

Micro Business

Micro businesses are fast, robust and adaptable, and
so are we. Cashera assists these businesses in their
day-to-day operations allowing them to serve their
customers without interruption.

Independent Contractors

These highly skilled workers fulfill a wide variety of niche
requirements, and Cashera helps keep them on track as
they take on new contracts and further their goals.


Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart and similar workers
are always on the move, and Cashera makes certain
that nothing stops them, including financial